Personal Van Accident Cover

Personal Accident Cover is there to help ease the financial impact of injury should you be involved in a motor accident. The support we can offer is a cash sum linked to the severity of the injury, ranging from fractures to fatal injury.

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Worst-case scenarios are difficult to think about but with Personal Accident Cover you can feel confident that we will help ease the financial impact of injury. The support we can offer is a cash sum linked to the severity of the injury, ranging from fractures to fatal injury. The impact of injuries on time can also be significant and our Personal Accident Cover compensates you for having to stay in hospital and attend outpatient care.

Sometimes road accidents lead to legal proceedings as a way for one of the parties involved to claim damages as compensation from another party. Personal Accident Cover isn’t linked to these proceedings. If you are injured and eligible to claim, this insurance provides you with the financial support when you need it most, independently of a legal case verdict.

Personal Accident Cover features and benefits include:

  • Up to £30,000 cover for death, permanent disability or fatal injury that happened as a result of a motor accident

  • Up to £22,500 cover for severe injuries such as loss of sight in both eyes, and loss of hearing in both ears

  • A cash benefit to support the main driver and their family or to help them adjust at a difficult time

  • Up to £2,000 cover for burns and £1,000 cover for fractures

  • If a van accident means you have to stay in hospital, Personal Accident Cover gives you £50 per 24 hours, up to £4,000 per claim. This also extends to outpatient care at £50 per day, up to a maximum of £300

  • Cover of up to £750 for whiplash when diagnosed by a medical professional

  • Peace of mind that you and your family are supported financially through a difficult time

  • No medical is necessary to buy a policy but you must be aged 18 - 69 at the time of purchase and a permanent resident of the UK to be eligible

Remember that:

  • Cover is provided for the main driver only

  • Self-inflicted injuries or injuries sustained as a result of drug or alcohol use that is deemed to be over the UK legal limit

  • No cover is provided for injuries sustained by any passengers

The Personal Accident Cover policy documents contain the full terms, limitations and exclusions.

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