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What is any driver van insurance?

Any driver van insurance allows you to cover multiple people under a single policy, this can often be unlimited so long as the drivers meet the insurers criteria.

While this a convenient and flexible way to allow multiple drivers to use your van it’s costlier than a standard policy since insurers can’t be sure who exactly is driving the vehicle. Businesses often accept this trade-off for the flexibility and reduction in admin, as you won’t need to amend an insurance policy for every new employee.

When might any driver van insurance be useful?

For instance, if the primary van driver is off sick and you require someone else to stand in, this cover will allow any driver to do so quickly without the driver needing to be named on a policy, which could be crucial in a business environment.

Is this different to multi-van insurance?

Yes, multi-van insurance covers a single driver for more than one van, whereas any driver insurance covers multiple drivers for one van. If you have multiple vans and require any driver cover, you would need to take out a separate policy.

What is the criteria for any driver insurance?

Criteria for who can drive the vehicle under an any driver policy is different from insurer to insurer. It’s often related to age, some insurers may only allow over 25s to drive, while others may be over 21s. Ensure you have checked the policy terms and conditions to understand your insurer’s requirements.

What other options are available?

While an any driver insurance is a flexible option to have which saves on admin, the higher price means it may not be a cost-effective option for families or a group of friends who may want more than one person to drive the vehicle. In this case there are other options available to you:

Temporary van insurance

Short term van insurance covers a vehicle typically from 1 hour up to 30 days and is a flexible solution if you would like someone else to use your vehicle for a set period. This gives you that extra flexibility while the vehicle owner’s NCB is fully protected in the event of a claim.

For more information, read our guide on short term motor insurance.

Adding a name driver

If you’d like to share the vehicle with a family member you could add a named driver to your policy. Unlike temporary insurance they’ll be able to use the vehicle when they want, rather than a set period, so long as they are not using the vehicle more than the main driver.

Read our beginner’s guide to van insurance for more helpful information.

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