A guide to insuring your garden

Your garden may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of value, but you can easily accumulate a large worth through rare plants, furniture, ornaments and tools.

It’s easy to think it’s covered as part of your insurance, but most policies will limit how much value is insured and your garden may not be fully protected.

What’s covered in my home insurance policy?

You may already have some amount of cover with your standard home insurance policy, but it’s typically a limited amount and can have exclusions.

Sheds and outbuildings tend to be covered by your buildings insurance as they would classify as your home’s fixture or fittings and this may even extend to fences, gates and patios. Contents insurance will cover up to a certain worth of moveable possessions such as potted plants, ornaments and tools. These are usually the benefits of your standard policy and vary from insurer to insurer.

What’s exactly covered in your garden can be intricate. For instance, you may only be covered for items in your shed and outbuilding if the door is locked using locks of a certain standard. Another example is plants, if they’re in pots and can be moved then they may be covered whereas if they’re in the ground they could be excluded.

If you’re unsure about what’s included in your policy, contact your insurance provider for advice.

How can I make my garden more secure?

Gardens can be particularly vulnerable to thieves since they can be exposed, easier to access and have less security.

 See below some quick tips to keep your garden well protected:

  • Keep gates and doors secure with locks
  • Install security lighting
  • Ensure your fencing has no gaps
  • Lock up valuables in your shed overnight
  • Keep photos of your valuable garden possessions – in the event of a theft this can help with the insurance claim.

If you’d like to find out more information about home cover, read our guide to homeowner’s insurance.


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