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Your guide to short term motor insurance

Short term motor insurance allows you to get covered from as little as one hour and up to thirty days. It’s a handy option to have for those who would like to borrow a friend’s vehicle whether it’s a van, motorhome or car. Temporary vehicle insurance opens up a whole range of possibilities to make travel plans easier and more cost-effective.

What are the benefits of short term motor insurance?

  • The process of taking out short term cover is typically quick in comparison to getting added to someone else’s annual vehicle policy. Additionally, if you’re going to be using the vehicle as a one-off, then getting added to an annual policy would not be necessary.
  • Temporary motor insurance provides full comprehensive cover, whereas your standard vehicle policy will usually only include third party cover to drive other’s vehicles.
  • It’s entirely separate to the annual insurance policy, therefore the vehicle owner’s No Claims Discount is protected in the event of an accident.

Why might you need temporary motor insurance?

There’s plenty of scenarios where short term motor insurance would come in handy, it makes travelling that extra bit easier. See below a few ideas:

  • Moving to a new house – If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member who has a van at their disposal you could borrow the vehicle to transport all your belongings, this could be more cost-effective and easier option than hiring a van.
  • Weekend road trip – Whether it’s a city break or a romantic getaway, temporary car insurance could allow you to share the driving with a friend or spouse.
  • University holidays – You may find a vehicle is not necessary at uni, especially if you’re situated in a city with good transport links. A more cost-effective approach could be selling your car and for the periods you do return home, take out a temporary insurance policy for your parent’s vehicle.
  • Learning to drive – Short term insurance can cover you while you learn to drive, this is ideal if you want to learn in a friend or family member’s vehicle.
  • Vehicle getting repaired – If your vehicle is undergoing repairs for a few days you can use someone else’s car.

Short term car insurance can get you cover in no time and really help with the travel arrangements by giving you more flexibility. When purchasing temporary car insurance ensure you have specified the right period, otherwise you may find you’re accidentally driving uninsured.

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