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Your guide to renewing your car insurance policy

Whether you plan on renewing your policy with your current insurance provider or are looking to switch, it is important to check when your car insurance is up for renewal.

Do renewals happen automatically?

Yes. In many cases, insurance providers have an ‘auto-renewal’ process attached to your policy. This means that, unless you tell them otherwise, the insurance provider will automatically renew your policy for you.

Although this is convenient, it is important to check any price changes that are included in your renewed policy. Renewal notices now have last year’s price on them so you can directly compare any changes in your policy price. Also, remember that you can shop around to check other providers before committing to the auto-renew.

How do I stop auto-renewal?

If you want your current insurance provider to not automatically renew your insurance policy, you need to get in contact with them. Be sure to do this before the renewal date. Otherwise you could be charged a cancellation and administration fee, even if you cancel in the cooling off period of the first 14 days of the policy renewal.

Does it cost money to cancel a renewal and switch?

In most cases, it will not cost you any money to cancel the renewal process at the end of your insurance policy and switch to another company, as long as you do it before the renewal date. But make sure you check the terms and conditions listed in your insurance document when you take out a policy.

Will my No Claims Bonus be carried over if I switch? 

Having a No Claims Bonus could help to reduce the cost of any future insurance policies. Your current insurance provider should provide proof of your history of not claiming when your insurance is up for renewal. As a result, you would be able to transfer your No Claims Bonus if you switch.

If you’d like to know more about car insurance, we’ve written a handy guide to car insurance to explain it all.

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