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Your guide to motor legal protection

Motor Legal Protection (MLP) provides cover for the legal costs of pursuing uninsured losses as the result of an accident that isn’t your fault, this is also referred to as Uninsured Loss Recovery.

For instance, if a motorist collides with your car and you’re injured and left unable to work, MLP could cover the legal fees of pursuing a case against the driver at fault to recoup the medical expenses and loss of income from your injury.

The cover is commonly provided by insurance providers as an add on to your standard car policy. The protection doesn’t pay a lump sum, but instead will cover all or some of the legal costs involved in defending or raising a claim.

Examples of uninsured loses include:

  • Injury to you or a passenger
  • Loss of earnings
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of possessions

Bear in mind that there is a possibility your claim won’t be accepted if it’s not valid under the conditions of the policy.

If you’re a Dial policy holder you can find out more about our Motor Legal Protection service here.

How do you make a MLP claim?

You’ll need to contact your insurance provider and your details will be passed on to a motor legal claims department. Many policies give you access to a dedicated legal helpline, if your insurance provider offers this benefit than you’ll need to contact this number in the event of a claim. The legal team will then be able to guide you through the process.

After the initial call, Insurance provider will then typically contact a solicitor on your behalf if you wish. Alternatively, you could source your own, although insurers typically only pay for their recommended lawyers. There is no guarantee the case will be taken up by a lawyer, legal teams will only do so if they stand a good chance of succeeding.

Additionally, the chances of success will also be assessed throughout the process and funding could be stopped at any time, for instance if new evidence comes to light which places your case in an unfavourable position.

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