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Your guide to car insurance for older drivers

There are a range of different factors that can affect the price of your car insurance premium. These include your location, driving history, occupation, type of car, type of insurance and age.

Unfortunately for older drivers, it’s not quite as simple as the older you get, the cheaper insurance becomes. Especially for those in their 70s and above, the price of car insurance premiums can begin to rise as you get older. There is also some important information that older drivers should be aware of to make sure that you are getting the right cover.

Why is insurance more expensive for elderly drivers?

Car insurance premiums can begin to rise as you become older as insurance providers typically view elderly drivers as higher-risk individuals. Like the way in which drivers between the age of 17-25 are often charged more for insurance, so are elderly drivers.However, the level of risk attached to different ages will vary for different insurance providers so make sure you shop around for the best deal.

Do I have to inform my insurance provider if I retire?

Yes. You need to let your insurance provider know of any changes to your personal details that are listed on your insurance policy. If you don’t let them know of any personal changes such as retiring or changing address, then it could affect your ability to make a claim on that policy.

What is the maximum age to get insured?

Although there is not an official maximum age at which you cannot get insured, insurance providers will set their own age limits for which they are willing to offer car insurance. This limit will vary between insurance providers so make sure you check with your own individual insurance providers so that you can get covered.

If you’d like to know more about car insurance, we’ve written a handy guide to car insurance to explain it all.

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