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Here at Dial Direct we give customers the chance to be rewarded for previous experience

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Here at Dial Direct we give customers the chance to be rewarded for previous experience. We offer savings of up to 65% if you have earned no claims discount on another vehicle. This can help you save money if you don’t currently have, or only have limited, NCD which has been earned on the van you are looking to insure with Dial Direct.

Your no claims discount on your new policy with us will start with the number of years you currently have on your van. This will continue to increase with each year of claim-free driving you gain. You will have the ability to benefit from the additional discount offered, as you have a higher NCD on your other vehicle.

You may well be asked to provide proof of your other vehicle no claims discount within 14 days of your new policy start date. This must be for a policy in your name on a car or another van.

You will often find this information on your Statement or Schedule of Insurance. If you don't have either of these documents, we can accept another document from your current insurer as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • It must be for an active policy in your name on a different vehicle to the one being insured with us.

  • It must show the No Claims Discount in years or percentage.

  • It must be from a car or van - we cannot accept No Claims Discount from motorcycle policies.

If you aren’t able to provide proof, the cost of your policy will increase, and in some cases, may be cancelled.

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Tailor your insurance package

Dial Direct offers premium insurance products with a wide range of features and benefits, allowing you to build a truly comprehensive insurance product that fits with your needs and lifestyle. When selecting a product, please make sure that it meets your individual insurance needs.

Motor Legal Protection

Claim back uninsured losses from the driver at fault after a motor accident. Included as standard with Dial Direct Premier Car Insurance and Dial Direct Van Insurance

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RAC Breakdown Assistance

There to help with any mechanical or electrical breakdown faults on your car or van. Included as standard with all Dial Direct motor policies

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Personal Accident Cover

Financial support to help you and your family if you are injured in a car accident

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Guaranteed Replacement Van

If your van has been written off or stolen, Guaranteed Replacement Van is here to help

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Comprehensive cover for lost or stolen keys, as well as replacement locks for your home and vehicle

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Tools Cover

An affordable way of insuring your tools to keep your business up and running

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