Useful guides to help guide you through the insurance process

We know that insurance can be confusing which is why we have created a library of guides to help you with any queries you may have.


Your guide to motor legal protection

Motor Legal Protection is a commonly offered add-on to motor insurance policies. Read our quick handy guide to find out what this type of cover is and why it might be useful.

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Your guide to car insurance for young drivers

Young motorists aged 17 – 24 are considered the riskiest drivers on the road, and insurance at this age can get costly. Click here to read our guide on insurance for young drivers.

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Your guide to home emergency cover

Home emergency keeps you covered for unfortunate mishaps in the home that aren’t included on your standard home policy.

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Your guide to non-standard construction insurance

Non-standard types of properties are not covered by standard home insurance. Read our guide for tips on insuring an non-standard home.

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Insurance for listed buildings

Listed buildings are typically old and historical properties and can be difficult to insure. Click here to read our guide on getting a listed-home insured.

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Your guide to being a tenant

Are you looking for a property to rent? Read our handy guide covering how to find a suitable property to your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

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Your guide to landlord insurance

Buy-to-let properties are a compelling investment, but it's not without its risks. Read more about the types of cover available for landlords...

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Fire safety in the home

Fire can pose one of the biggest risks to your property and accounts for a significant number of home insurance

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What is telematics insurance?

As we now live in the ‘age of technology’, it is no surprise that insurers and motorists alike are also turning to

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Making a car insurance claim

Being in a car accident can be stressful, not knowing what to do could make that situation even more traumatic!

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A Beginners guide to van insurance

Do you know where to start with getting your van insured? Read the Dial Direct beginner’s guide to van insurance

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Guide to car insurance

It is by no means cheap to run a car, what with the ever rising price of fuel, MOT and maintenance..

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Homeowners insurance

Are you confused about home insurance? Don’t know what product you need or even where to..

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Car insurance for new drivers

Congratulations! You have passed your driving test and are now ready to hit the road..

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Home Insurance

We offer Home Insurance that can be tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle. After all, there’s no place like home.

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Car Insurance

You can be confident that you are getting a premium level of cover for you and your vehicle.

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Premier Car Insurance

Premier Car Insurance offers you our fantastic car insurance package, plus additional cover extras included as standard.

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Van Insurance

Our Van Insurance product takes our customers’ needs into consideration, offering an impressive level of cover.

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