COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Below is some important information about how your motor insurance product may be affected during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and how you can get in touch with us.

We’re doing our very best to maintain service levels and would ask that if you need to check any policy details or make a change please do so within this Self-Service Centre. You can also use our Webchat service which is available Monday- Saturday 8am-6pm and Sunday 10am-4pm to make changes, accept or decline your renewal or if you need to let us know about a claim.

We ask that you only call our contact centre team if necessary, as we want to keep our phone lines available to help our more vulnerable customers and those that don’t have access to our online services.

Finally, please don’t post anything to us at this time as we’re experiencing delays in getting our mail processed and don’t want to miss anything important. If we do request any additional information from you we will contact you by letter or email in the first instance.

Please note, any temporary changes made to your policy due to Covid-19 will not be reflected in your current policy documents or within any upcoming renewal communication.

We’ve actively reached out to eligible key worker motor insurance customers and made additional breakdown assistance available to them, if they need it, at no extra cost.

We’ve also pledged to provide a guaranteed replacement vehicle for eligible key workers in the event of an accident.

This support means our customers can continue to travel safely to places of employment or other destinations where they are undertaking crucial work in helping the UK fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

No. If you now need to drive to your workplace, your insurance cover is still valid. You don’t need to contact us to change or extend your cover.

If you’re using your own private car for voluntary purposes to transport medicines or groceries to support others who are impacted by Covid-19, your cover will not be affected. You don’t need to contact us to update your cover.

**Only applicable for Private Car policies**

If you’re a key worker and using your own car to drive to different locations for work purposes because of the impact of COVID-19, your cover won’t be affected. You don’t need to contact us to update your cover.

The Government has announced all car and light van MOTs that are due on or after the 30 March 2020 will be temporarily extended.  Providing you keep your vehicle safe to drive, your cover will not be affected because of this.  

Yes, we’re here to help. We’re aware that there may be an impact on people’s livelihoods due to COVID-19. If you think you may be unable to maintain your regular policy payments, please contact us as soon as possible on 0344 412 2138. Our opening hours are Monday-Saturday, 8am-6pm.

We have specialists on hand who can discuss your individual circumstances and agree how we can help with your financial situation. There are several ways we may be able to help including; moving your payment dates, agreeing partial payments or payment holidays in the short term and removing any fees applied to your policy.

Don’t wait until you miss a payment as we can help you in advance. We ask that you don’t cancel your payments or direct debits as this can result in your policy being cancelled and we don’t want you to be left uninsured, please get in touch with us in the first instance.

You don’t need to contact us about this if you’re a clerical/office worker who’s now based at home, your insurance cover will not be affected during this period. If your work involves holding trade stock at home, or you have your customers visiting you, or you have a Landlords Contents policy, then please contact us via Webchat to discuss this as we may need to update your cover. In the event of a claim involving administrative business equipment (e.g. laptops) provided by your employer to support this activity, please seek advice from your employer as any loss or damage should be covered by them.

If you have a query that is not covered above, please contact our Webchat service which is available Monday- Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 10am-4pm, if required. 

Alternatively, please email with the changes you wish to make, and/or your query, as well as your policy number, the policyholder’s full name and date of birth.

Please note that emails are not a secure method of communication.  Please only share personal information you have been asked for in order for us to deal with your query at this time.

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