Frequently Asked Questions

Data Protection

Application Requirements

What do I need before I can apply for a car insurance quote?

Who sets the price for my policy?

Vehicle & Options

Why can I not find my car's make & model by its registration number?

Can I get a quote if I do not have the registration number available?

What is ‘excess?’

Uninsured Loss Recovery

What are uninsured losses?

Motor Prosecution Defence

Motor Legal Helpline

What is Guaranteed Replacement Car or Guaranteed Replacement Van service?

Do I need ‘business use’ to drive to work?

What cover will ‘Breakdown Assistance’ provide me with?

Can I get instant cover?

What are the different types of cover I can get?

Can I temporarily add a driver to my insurance policy?

Can I use my vehicle abroad?

If I take out comprehensive insurance, can other people drive my car when they are not named on my policy?

No Claims Discount (NCD) Questions

What is No Claims Discount (NCD)?

What is ‘Protected No claims Discount’ (NCD)?

Can I switch No Claims Discount (NCD) between my wife or husband?

Can a No Claims Discount (NCD) be applied to more than one car?

Do you accept No Claims Discount (NCD) from a Bonus Accelerator policy?

I have been driving a company car for the last few years. Will you give me a no claim discount?

What forms of No Claims Discount (NCD) proof are acceptable?

Can I use Foreign NCD proof?

I have NCD with one vehicle and then different NCD with another that runs consecutively together - can these be linked?


How secure are my personal details and credit/debit cards on your site?

Personal Details & Additional Driver Options

Can I get insurance if I only have a provisional licence?

How many additional named drivers can I have on my policy?

Claims and Convictions

Should I declare claims or convictions that were obtained more than 5 years ago?

My previous claim had split responsibility – what should I choose under the ‘At Fault’ question?

I don’t know the exact cost of the claim – what should I put in the ‘Cost’ section?

What if I have an automatic ban?


Why do I need a credit agreement?

Is the annual price the same as the credit agreement price?

What happens if I miss a payment?

What is a credit agreement?

What happens when a credit agreement is cancelled early?

What type of credit agreement is it?

Can everyone pay monthly?

What happens if I change my mind about the credit agreement?

Can payments under the Credit Agreement be made by someone else?

Can I change the payment date under my credit agreement?

What happens if a payment date falls on a weekend or bank holiday?

Will I get statements for my credit agreement?

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

What do I do If I am changing my bank account?

Which lenders do you work for?

What is continuous payment authority?

Can I transfer my credit agreement into someone else's name?

What happens if I experience financial difficulties?

What does APR mean?

Will the APR change during the term of the credit agreement?

Do I need to sign and return my credit agreement?

I've lost my credit agreement, how can I get another copy?

What is a SECCI?

Can I pay off my credit agreement early?

Where can I view the credit agreement?

Claims Checking (CUE) Questions

Claims and Underwriting Exchange - what is it?

Why is my claims history checked?

How did my details get onto CUE?

What happens if there is a discrepancy with my claims history?

The information from CUE is wrong - what do I do now?

What happens if I entered the wrong claim details when I bought my policy?

Can you contact my previous insurer to resolve this?

How can I reduce my premium?

If I use another insurance company will they check CUE?

I genuinely forgot about a claim – does this mean that I have a black mark against me?